Managing Life-Changing Bleeding

Managing Life-Changing Bleeding

+ Vat for upto 12 people

This is a half day training course aimed specifically at managing and controlling Catastrophic Bleeding. 

The HSE are now referring to catastrophic bleeding as ‘life-changing bleeding’ and have added guidance for employers on what is required if they identify this as a risk within their workplace.

The HSE state that haemostatic dressings, tourniquets and wound packing materials (sterile gauze) may be required in addition to the standard first aid kit within a workplace.

They go on to state that training in the application of these products may be necessary in sectors such as agriculture, forestry and construction, and working locations in remote areas.  They also state that employers of people working in hospitality, events, or other relevant sectors should consider additional training to prepare for injuries to colleagues or the public resulting from terrorist acts or other violent incidents.

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