Emergency Lighting Inspection

Emergency Lighting Inspection

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The emergency lighting that you provide in your premises depends on the size of the building, along with some other factors, including; 

  • How many people use the building; 
  • If the building is in use at night time; 
  • Purposes of the building
  • Type of users in the building

After this assessment, it might be the case that there is no need for emergency lighting. 

Typically, this is an appropriate outcome if the building is never used in the night and there are windows to let in natural light, meaning that no person would be in any danger if the lights went off. However, it would generally be accepted that emergency lighting should form part of the fire safety provision of most premises. 

Locations within the building where there are no windows to let in outside light; The availability of ‘borrowed’ lighting from, say, street lights.

Let us provide you with a Emergency lighting risk assessment and manage your Emergency Lighting testing and inspections. 

Annual service level agreements available.

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